The Biggest Jackpots In Online Roulette: The Legendary

Hot Jackpots In Online Roulette: The Wild And Wonderful Moments

Who doesn’t like the thought of a mansion on Bahamas overlooking the sea? Here, we provide the stories of people who won awesome jackpots in roulette. The wild and wonderful thing about this is that online roulette is probably the top game that provides completely fair chances to anyone, so never were the words “this could be you” more true.

Jackpots: In Short

What’s better than minimum investment and billion-percent dividends? Provided you play safe and stay ahead of the game, there is absolutely nothing but pure luck standing between you and that colossal fortune enjoyed by the mega-rich, Hollywood actors and the like. Here is the list of those who made it already. Is your next win on our site?

The Lucky Winners

  • Ashley Revell wins $135 000 with a bet on red (life savings).
  • A Brazilian businessman, Pedro Grendene Bartelle, won $3.5 000 000 after placing $35 000 on a roulette spin in Uruguay.
  • Charlie Wells Monte Carlo win of $2089864 placing bets randomly.
  • Chris Boyd, a programmer from the UK, used his savings of $220 000 to find a casino he could talk into accepting such a massive bet and bet everything on red. He wins. Talk about being smart.
  • Joseph Jagger took one casino with a faulty roulette wheel for $7 000 000 in 1873.
  • An anonymous group of travelers gained over $1.6 million at The Ritz by using computer software to analyze probable outcomes.
  • A player in the UK called Balvinder Sambhi used a “secret system” to win 28 000 pounds in a casino, who quickly got rid of him soon after, quoting their ToS-given right to ban players without having a case for it. Balvinder was angry with the casino, saying they never had a problem with him losing thousands before, but quickly understood this is just a business, and is now writing a book about his system trying to get back at Grosvenor Casino. To be continued.
  • Another man who made a fortune on a faulty Roulete wheel was Richard Jarecki, a doctor who liberated another $1 000 000 from casinos in Monte Carlo and San Remo thanks only to eagle eye and a keep intellect.

  • Biggest Jackpots in Roulette

    What We Think

    No doubt the time is coming when someone discovers how to net a big legal jackpots in online roulette by spotting particularities of the system. You just wait.

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