A Review Of The History Of Blackjack

BlackJack History: Discover the Roots

Blackjack’s history is rich and diverse, with plenty of conflict, hard work, dedication, and vigorous struggle for human rights…no, wait, that’s the American History. Blackjack’s history is not any less complicated though, with many controversial and nuanced versions, the main of which we will give you the quick breakdown. Make sure you familiarize yourself with our wide selection of casinos that feature Blackjack tables, otherwise all this time you’ve spend doing hardcore academic research reading this article will be thrown to the wind.

BlackJack History: Ancient East

You already know Blackjack is the most popular game ever, mostly because it has simple, relatable rules and the lowest house edge of all the games in casinos. What we bet you don’t know is that the recorded history goes back to 9th century China and in particular Princess TongChang. The royalty periodically got bored of eating foie gras and watching Game of Thrones in real life as their neighbors attacked each other, so they invented sheets of paper divided into four casts, to which later ranks and individual markings were added. By the end of fourteenth century playing cards made it to the West, and, in particular, Europe. At the time they looked very much like the Taro cards we use today.

Middle Ages

Cards spread between royal families of Europe very quickly, and soon their external aspect was transformed. Now they bore images of royalty, proving you just can’t get rid of the government wherever you go. In the seventeenth century Blackjack was spotted in bordellos in France (where else?), and then French immigrants who brought Blackjack to Orleans made it globally popular. It was called “21” to the point when it was to be legalized in Nevada, where the highest wins were given for the combination of Ace of Spades and a Jack of Spades (Black Jack).

Blackjack History English casino


Blackjack is extremely popular thanks to being such an agreeable game, and today, given that you learn the techniques, sometimes you don’t even need luck to win big money on a regular basis: this is a simple game, but also a game of skill.

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