A Full Guide To Playing Blackjack Online For Money

Online Blackjack Game For Money: How To Get The Benefits

Our website includes a complete list of casinos wherein you can enjoy online blackjack game without limits. Well, there will probably be table limits and so on, but you know what we mean: just have unrestrained fun. Okay, maybe restrain yourself sometimes, but what we’re out to say is that we provide all the opportunities and means to have all the fun in the world whether you’re a hardcore Blackjack professional or a wandering online gambling newcomer.

Stay with us, and you’ll be safe. And read the ToS.

Online Blackjack Game At First Glance

Now, life is complicated enough. Why would you want to complicate it even more? We think modern online slots with all their glittering lights and flashing sounds make your head spin. Same with Blackjack online for real money. It’s the Stallone of online gambling: simple, clear-cut, and it delivers.

Detailed Rules For Newcomer

Blackjack game is more popular than a few other table games put together. Blackjack is essentially as simple as a game can get. You always play against the dealer, and your objective is to get as close to 21 and not go overboard. But let’s take it slow.

From two all the way to ten the cards are worth what they’re worth, picture cards 10, except for the Ace, which is worth either eleven or one at your consideration. Blackjack entails a usual deck with 52 cards, and the dealer does what he’s supposed to, which is dealing, to both himself and the player. Whoever gets closest to 21 wins, just as long as he or she doesn’t get more, which means game over. Plenty of heart-wrenching decisions here to be made about whether to stand or take another card if you have, for example, 14 (i.e. Queen and a 4), and most of Blackjack strategies are dedicated to when to make the choice that will deliver the final verdict. That is, unless the other person gets 21, which is Blackjack, which is paid 3:2.

Blackjack Game

There can be many more players than you and the dealer (and there usually are). The Blackjack table is normally shaped like a horse’s hoof (no wonder Blackjack players always have those long faces). There are tables minimum and maximums, which you should remember when you sit down, but they are written down on a sign, which is on the table.

A cardholder called “a shoe” is placed on the table, out of which cards can come out one at a time. When players are done placing their bets, the game begins. Everyone is dealt two cards. Once the players decide what they want to do with their cards, they can hit (get more cards in order to reach 21 or lose by going over), stand (stand your ground and wait), double down (your bet is doubled), or split if you have a pair (each card acts as a normal hand). Now you can finally get those Motorhead lyrics right.

Have fun and make sure you read up on the basic strategy and the nuances if you want to get really good. Just don’t take our word for it and don’t waste your time with insurance, whatever you do.

Before you go gambling blackjack online

Sometime at the beginning a rumor was spread that Blackjack online for real money is the best game to take advantage of the system with, probably due to the low house edge. Since then a huge variety of players started employing “strategies” such as card-counting, which is why today casinos play with many decks at once or make the dealer conceal a few cards so not everyone can keep track. Just in case you’re thinking about it, beating the house in Blackjack is possible and even likely, but it’s supremely difficult and can only be done by a trained professional.

However, you can still get the house edge down to less than 1 percent by learning the basic strategy, which is a sort of a manual on when to stand and hit or double down (double your bets). We strongly recommend you learn it, if you’re going to become successful at this fun, easy and immensely popular game.

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