Online Craps For Real Money: Have Comfortable, Leisurely Fun

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Craps is a game well-known for its high percentage of winners, captivating gameplay, and pretty simple rules. A full package, really. What else could you ask for? At our website we offer a selection of the best casinos we carefully hand-picked for you that contain a wide array of games, should you get bored with this one. We are always happy to see you back with us and winning plenty as well as having fun and enjoying the craps game.

Craps Play Online

Online craps for real money pays out really well, so there are plenty of people around the table. Just like riding on the metro, there’s nothing like crowds of people who not only do not care very much for you, but sometimes passionately wish you weren’t here. The online version of the game is pretty much the same minus the nose, elbows and someone’s sweaty armpits in your face. Have fun and relax at this all-time classic of entertainment.

What is Craps?

This is a game based on the roll of the dice, with minimal adjustments to the original gameplay rules. We, as always, advise that you consult the Terms of Service carefully as well as familiarising yourself with the full rules of the online craps for best possible experience.


These are the basics. The craps game is fairly simple. You make your bet, hoping for a desired number, and if it turns up, you collect. There are variations on numbers of bets, but all casino games are essentially based on one principle with minor or major variations. In Craps, there are two parts to the game. In the first, you set your bet on either Pass or Don’t Pass and, if a 7 or 11 turns up, players who bet on Pass collect. In case with 12, 3 or 2, game over. Everything begins again. If none of those numbers turn up, the game proceeds into the next phase, where the person playing wants to roll that number before anyone else. It’s a captivating game of chance, with rules which are quite minimalistic and simple. It has everything you need to enjoy online casino gambling wherever you are at your utmost convenience.

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