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Best Casinos With Bank Transfer

Bank transfer (this method was earlier called Wire Transfer) is one of the oldest payment methods which have been used in online casinos. Besides being the oldest, this is one of the safest and most trusted ways to perform payments. It is used by gamblers all around the world. The name of the method easily explains the principle of its work - the payments are performed by means of transfer from one bank to another.

The Essence Of Bank Transfer Casino Payment Method

The main disadvantage of this method is that it is quite time-consuming and in order to perform payment you are required the data of account in bank you are going to use and the data of bank which is going to receive your payment. What does this data include? It consists of the name of the player, the name of bank, its address, the number of account etc. This data is filled in the special form.

After the form is filled, a certain period of time is required in order your payment could be approved. The data you represented to the bank should be checked and verified by the representatives of the bank. When this process is completed, the bank of payee will contact your bank and if everything is fine, the procedure will be completed. Usually this period lasts from three to five days. But its duration depends on the particular bank and in separate cases reaches thirty days. If you need to transfer money quickly, use Instant Bank Transfer service.

Nowadays bank transfers can be performed via online banking - you can use your bank account data to do that.

Usage Of Bank Transfer In Online Casinos

To make payments using bank transfer, you should check the availability of this method in online casino. Then, in the list of available ways to deposit and withdraw money select this one and then you will be redirected to the main page of your bank where your task will consist of copying the data of your bank account and enter it in your casino account.

Bank Transfer Poker Enzo

When you are done you’ll have to wait for 3-5 days in order your online casino could have confirmed the data and after that it is possible to start using this method. Note that all your account details should be filled in correctly - in other case when there are mistakes in it the method will not be accepted by the casino.

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