Online Casinos That Accept Paysafecard - Make Deposit Using Paysafecard

Using Paysafecard In Online Casinos: Benefits And Privileges

FBesides such popular payment methods as electronic wallets and credit cards, majority of gambling resources offer such an option as payments via prepaid cards - and here comes Paysafecard as the most popular variant. It is acceptable in 43 countries so it is quite obvious that this method has lots of admirers all around the world.

Online casinos that accept Paysafecard are considered as secure because no private data such as the credit card number or other information is required to perform money transfers. In our review we are going to discuss the peculiarities of Paysafecard banking options.

Choosing online casino that accept Paysafecard: General Info

Before we go deep into the process of making deposit with Paysafecard, let’s see how does the system itself work. In order to start working you are to buy a card which has a certain money nominal (usually this amount varies from 10 to 100 euros) and then you can use this card to pay in different online services, including gambling websites. Some players may consider maximum amount of money on the card (100 euros) small, but don’t worry - if you are willing to make a bigger deposit, you can simply buy several cards of maximum nominal and use them! Not only euros are available while using Paysafe - it is possible to select from 22 different currencies the one that suits you.

To know where to buy the card, check the website of Paysafe and see the list of the nearest places where it is sold. Also, you can purchase a card online - it is easy to do using credit cards or electronic wallets. Bank transfer payment option is acceptable too. In case you’ve purchased a card online, you are given a special PIN code consisting of 16 numbers - this code is unique and can be used when purchasing payments online.

Paysafecard Blackjack Online Game

The validity of card lasts for twelve month - throughout this period it is possible to use it without fees, and when it is finished, you’ll have to pay fees monthly.

Simple Steps To Follow When Depositing With Paysafecard

First, make sure that the casino you’ve chosen accepts Paysafecard. Then select this option and enter the code which is written on the card or which you received online. It is possible to use up to ten cards and codes at a time. Also, don’t forget about the deposit limits and see whether the amount of cash you are planning to use suits them.

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