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Imagine walking into a casino and carrying home 17.8 000 000 Euros after placing one 25 cent bet. How would your life changed after that?

Jackpots, and especially progressive jackpots of late, have changed the face of the industry and the world in general by delivering the opportunity of true de-mocracy to the door of pretty much every citizen of the world: everyone has the chance to play and experiences equal chances when it comes to online slots.

What makes this concept so fantastic? Accessibility, simplicity, and fun. After all, all it takes is a small investment, and your life can change in the expecta-tion of a miracle (of course, as long as you gamble responsibly). At our web-site we offer the best selected casinos and some of the most kickass slots around so you can have the most fun possible while your time here.

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To illustrate the point, what follows are the stories of people who made history. Pure luck? Maybe. Maybe not. Check our top online slots win-ners:

  • Jon Heywood won 13 209 300 Pounds in 2015 in a Betway Casino on a classic Mega Moolah slot. Didn’t we tell you you can’t beat a classic?
  • Welcome Georgios M, a lucky Mega Moolah player who spring 8.6 000 000 Euros from a progressive jackpot in River Belle Online Casino.
  • Just over 10 000 000 Australian dollars was won by an unnamed Aus-tralian player (G’day, mate) in 2016 (MicroGaming).
  • Also check out this anonymous (good thinking) win by a mobile player at Zodiac Casino ($8.82 Million) who deposited one dollar.
  • This handsome devil wins a jackpot without spending the money: Kathe-rine from Merseyside won 1200 Pounds with Free Spins. And people say the only free cheese is in mouse traps.
  • A 7.82 Mil payout to a completely anonymous player who also was for-tunate enough to go for the Hall of Gods.
  • A 7.9 Million Euro anonymous win on a mobile device. Yup.
  • A Swedish guy called Alexander wins 8.5 000 000 Euros on Mega Moo-lah: Hawaii, here I come.
  • Another man wins over 11.7 000 000 Euros with Mega Fortune (same slot put out 17.8 Million Euros in 22013 to a Finnish guy who was al-most Finnished when he saw the results, reporting that he cried and laughed at the same time). This legendary story is the one that is most widely known because the initial bet was 25 cents.

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