Knowing When To Stop: Tips How To Stop Gambling

How To Stop Gambling: One Step Between Harmless & An Addiction

Now, hitting that stellar progressive jackpot could be a matter of just minutes. Before you do though, if there is one advice to take from us, it is to be responsible about gaming. People who drove themselves to the edge (often literally) are the living proof of the fact that not approaching gambling seriously can put you in terrible danger.

Online gambling is also a risk factor, because people are often alone when they play, which makes them more vulnerable. We have listed tips on how to stay safe here that you must stick to if you are going to do better than gambling with your life.

In A Few Words

Set your budget to a certain value and walk away when you’re done. It’s a good idea to get a separate card, which is in no way connected to the account that holds your rent money/your kids’ University money. When you run out, there is no temptation to spend more (or means to do it).

Obviously, you already know this, but just to be sure: pick casinos that offer top of the range security. There are all sorts of casinos out there, and some of them are more established than others and have put more money into management. SSL security is usually considered the best, although there are different types. Make sure there are additional security measures, even if that means spending extra time surfing the web, and get the best package (same as with bonuses). The first thing about your bank roll is going to be protecting it well. Our website provides selected, reputable and well-audited casinos you can choose for a long-term partnership.

Think about introducing multiple security procedures yourself. Is your password safe? The recommendation is, of course, never to write it down, but don’t make it too complicated to remember. Recovering it may be a lengthy process due to the reasons outlined above (especially if you forget your keyword or don’t update the technical details in time, like address and phone number). We knew a guy who had three pieces of paper with wrong PIN in his wallet where his credit card was, just in case the thief tried to get into his finances. That’s genius! That’s the level of planning we want your mental processes to be.

How to stop Gambling

Make sure you protect your phone with face recognition, patterns, and fingerprint analysis as well as password (plus passwords for applications). Just stick to good companies that really work on their phones (face recognition software is still new to the market and can glitch on some phones).

When you transfer your money, don’t ask some guy with heavy tattoos of Death on his face to get it across deserts on a donkey’s back. Think reputable payment solutions that have been around for a while – like PayPal.

What We Think

Now that you know a little more about setting your budget and protecting your money, take a look at these tried and tested way of preventing an addiction.

  • Always keep deposits and winnings separate. Better yet, play with your winnings and leave the original bet alone.
  • Make sure you go on short breaks to clear your head. It’s easy to lose track of time (that’s why there are no clocks in casinos). This works especially well if you smoke, but we wouldn’t be very good at giving advice if we advised you to replace one brutal addiction with another. Don’t lose your head. And don’t smoke.
  • Really, the reason people find it so difficult to quit anything is because their central nervous system is hard-wired for excitement. The brain builds its own neuron networks, and, if you’ve been gambling for a while, you actually have a different brain structure that that of someone who reads books for thrill rides. There is a deficit of emotion (this is why people watch soap operas), and, if you quit an adrenaline-fuelled hobby, you tend to experience withdrawal symptoms. In the words of the legendary Tony Robbins, find another activity!The key is to replace bad addictions with good (sports like surfing, chess and football), and make sure that it gives you the same feeling (in short, fills the void, or compensates).
  • Make sure you read as much as you can on gambling addictions (just don’t read those books before you’re going to bed). In addition to learning the dog-ugly truth, you will learn about coping strategies, and also learn the inside of the business and maybe up your game.
  • Try going to Gamblers Anonymous and see it all for yourself.
  • Make sure you stick to the financial plan you set for yourself (but that goes without saying).
  • Another good advice if you want-to cement-proof your financial security is to start attending a psychologist. You may find that a little extreme, but you know what they say: prevention is a thousand times better than treatment. And, contrary to belief popular in some parts of the world, psychologists are for healthy people who are into self-development (not to be confused with psychiatrists, who treat people with problems).
  • Make sure you hang around people with healthy habits and a clear, altruistic mindset. 80% of your success is the people around you.
  • Keep track of symptoms of an addiction and monitor yourself.
  • Finally, if you realize you have an addiction, hand over your financial account to a trusted person (that is most often family) and lose the PINs.
  • Finally

    Gambling addictions destroy lives. Are they worse than drugs? We think so. Beyond all, make sure you stay safe.

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