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Real Money Slots: An Introduction To Spins

Money slots, in essence, have been there from the very beginning. Ever since the now ancient bars in Wild Wild West introduced rotating reels on a stick that had edges which would net a win when luckily lined up, slots have been perfecting and adding to their skillset and appearance.

Now there are many, many different kinds of online slots for real money to suit everyone’s need. Many players prefer them for simplicity and convenience (while we’re on the subject of convenience, some of them developed into full-on Virtual Reality conclaves that look like a fighting bot from The Avatar). The fact that they regularly dish out substantial winnings helps. Feel free to browse our website to your heart’s content to find slots that work for you. We present detailed casino reviews for new gamblers.

Money Slots In Short

Now, we hear you mumbling to yourself: “Why are slots better? Maybe I don’t want to play online slot games? What’s so special about them?”. We’re here to shine light into darkness. Get ready.

  • Slots mean that you can set your pace and not have to be rushed or slowed down by other players.
  • Learning rules is simple, and so is the navigation around the site.
  • Traditional games like Roulette are all and the same with minor variations. Not true with slots. The variety, rewards and flexibility of rules are unprecedented with these.
  • Prizes (like progressive jackpots) are way bigger.
  • Never mind learning strategy: casinos are about having fun, right? So have fun!
  • In Practice

    We’ve seen some legendary online slots for money in our time: Book of Ra, Sizzling Hot, Lucky Lady Charm, Mega Moolah, Thunderstruck, Tomb Raider slot…These have been around for a while, so they have gained a “tested and trusted” reputation out there. This is the reason why most people stick to classic versions (and so they should) with good ratings. Of course, there should be space in life for rising stars, but, you know how the saying goes: you can’t beat a classic. Think of these as The Expendables of online gambling.

    These days there are plenty of popular contemporary slots like Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest, and generally games with plenty of new features. Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from 3D experience, sticky Wilds, progressive slots, beautiful graphics and interactive bonus games? These provide plenty of opportunities, which people these days very eagerly take advantage of.

    What We Think

    We think it is a great idea to play slots for money, because there is a myriad of rules about gambling (just take a look at the amount of books on the subject), and, the more you learn, the more you realize how much better a lot of people will be than you…just because there are so many strategies. With slots, everything is simple and straightforward: there is a 50% chance of winning big every time. So…what else do you need? Getting into a game, the rules of which you don’t completely, is a dangerous thing.

    Those Who Provide

    The two of the most massive providers of online gambling software, NetEnt and MicroGaming, are mysteries shrouded in legends and wrapped in enigma. Private laboratories on Mediterranean islands, heavy security, global fame…the story goes on and on. What you need to know (in case you’re new) is that these are the giants of the industry who have been producing quality software for millennia. Their presence is a hallmark of quality, and you can thoroughly rely on games by these providers for great graphics, fun design, and interesting content.

    In Conclusion

    We are all for slots. Einstein said: all the stuff that is genius is simple. Well, not in those words, but you know what we mean. Slots are accessible, simple, and fun, plus they deliver great wins. They always also come in form of free play, which is great. It is a good idea to try before you buy, which you can certainly do if you play with us.

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