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The List of High Roller Casinos & Bonuses

Taking advantage of high roller casino bonuses takes some serious cash and plenty of smarts. They imply large bets, and correspondingly large dividends.

A high roller is an enormous wheel, from which you can see the city, and the bonus name is derived from the supposed ability of the person on the High Roller to rise above. Far above.

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    200% up to €/£/$500 + 100 free spins

In particular

High Rollers bring large amounts to the table. And by large we mean large: thousands, typically up from 50 000 Dollars. Surprisingly, high rollers are not the main source of income for casinos (the lion’s share of casino’s earnings comes from online slot machines, would you imagine, like penny slots among others). However, for obvious reasons, the financial whales of the business are very welcome at casinos, and that is achieved through a meticulous choice of rewards: discounts, huge amounts of free chips, and so on. That means also much higher table limits and lesser losses.

High Roller Bonus Winner Casino

That last point raised quite a few eyebrows in Las Vegas when massive losing streaks have become a lot less massive with millionaires receiving losses discounts thanks to their celebrity statuses. Imagine losing ten million and having to pay nine: that means a manager somewhere out there isn’t getting a new phone.

What about VIP programs in High Roller Online Casinos?

Very Important Persons love getting confirmations that they are Very Important, and casinos love raking in money, so the latter use people’s status hunger to multiply profits. That’s how VIP programs are born. They offer more substantial benefits to High Roller casino bonuses (often awarded due to required uptime, i.e. you would only get to be a member of a club after so many years), and are associated with prestige. Psychologists have puzzled over decades as to why people would pay anything to be named exclusive. Hopefully this is a healthy desire to enjoy life to the full and not supercompensation for some kind of daddy issues or girlfriend grudge. People will go to great lengths to heal a bruised ego, but when it come to money, it’s worth considering being extremely careful before signing up for any expensive club which you will be contractually obligated to pay annual fees to.

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