How To Play European Roulette Online Game: Play For Free Or Win Big

Particularities of European Roulette Explained and Broken Down

Flirting with the concept of online Roulette? Don’t quite know where to go? Lost among al the different types with all the variations? Which one is best? Why would anyone want two zeros? And maybe it’s worth going for a Roulette with no zero or European version? What kind of strategy to employ? Is there a strategy? Thought it was a matter of chance? Well, if you’ve read our previous article on the American Roulette and the general introduction, you now know all you need to know, and so it’s time to start moving on to bigger and better questions.

European roulette: The Difference

Now, we’re not going to lie to you. There isn’t much of a difference. But it is substantial. There are 37 numbers here, one less than in American Roulette, and that is that silent, deadly zero, the killer whale of online gambling. This means that the house edge is cut in half, and so are the adrenaline rushes. Any sensible high-rolling man would choose this game, naturally, and the only questions left have to do with how best to employ strategy and put your money to a good use. There are fanciful French rules like La Partage, or En Prison, but they all wouldn’t fit in there, so highly likely those are a subject of another article.

European Roulette 888 Casino


Well done for choosing European roulette for real money gambling, this is evidence of good strategy already. Now, try to avoid systems at all costs, is our advice (especially systems like Martingale…we’ve seen some spectacular fails there, let us tell you), because most of them have been invented by the casinos to get players to spend more money, and the others are so risky it’s not worth taking chances, plus a good deal of them don’t work. Don’t gamble with your money! Well, you know what we’re saying. Do gamble with your money, but do it in a sensible and fun way.

If you’re new, go for outside bets, try to avoid approaching the “betting all on one” end of the spectrum, and bet on plenty of numbers. Anyway, you may try the demo of European online roulette game right here.

Most of all, remember that there are no lucky numbers and that most casinos today are designed to be foolproof and be completely under the control of the Random Number Generator. One good strategy we do insist on, however, is finding a casino that is reputable and invests money into independent auditing companies, etc. For that reason check out our list of tried and trusted casinos where you can gamble European roulette game with pleasure.

Above all, don’t forget to always read Terms of Service carefully. Not so much now, but earlier we’ve seen a few rather tricky clauses, like “use this bonus within one day or it’s annulated” or “betting more than such and such will result in casino annulling your winnings” – somewhere in the back of a very lengthy document in a very hard-to find section at the back of the website. We’re not saying this will happen, but it always helps to know just what you’re signing.

The Conclusion

And last but not least – always budget responsibly, walk away at the end of the bankroll, don’t play games the rules of which you don’t fully understand, and always do your background research carefully.

Check out the demo version of the game that can be tested here, and, after all, have fun. Being able to unwind is just as important as hard work.

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