Biggest Wins in Online Blackjack: Learn From The Best

Blackjack Winners: An Example Of People Who Have Made It

Winning in Blackjack, or winning a jackpot, is something else. More a matter of luck than anything else, it inspires envy, but not religious reverence. However, take a look at the guys who beat the system thanks to pure smarts. Or, ok, sometimes amazing luck. Or a combination of both. Will we ever know? Read on. And make sure to check out our blackjack sections of the selected casinos we present on the main page.

The Celebs: BlackJack Winners

  • Could it be….Nash Bridges? Unfortunately not, but this guy seems to have a knack for solving mysteries. The head of Heritage Development LLC, Don Johnson firmly decided he was going to be winning one day, and he won 15 000 000 Dollars in Atlantic City Casinos in 2010-11. No-one knows how he did it (he claims he was just being smart), but he kept on winning millions after millions after millions at a Blackjack table time after time after time. Talk about being lucky! Or intelligent? He is a real blackjack winner.
  • Ten Uston figured out card counting actually paid off, and collected over 4.5 000 000 Dollars by employing a strategy between 75 and 81. Way to go!
  • Blackjack Bum is probably the protagonist of one of the most puzzling stories about the online gambling world that we’ve ever heard. After a fight with his better half when he was thrown out of his house, the man came to a casino in the US (wearing no shoes), sat down at the table, slamming down a 400 dollar cheque, and, with evident disregard to rules of the game and personal hygiene, blatantly won about 1.5 000 000 dollars, at which point he was thrown out of the casino for being obnoxious. Right.
  • Kerry Packer, an Australian millionaire, won 7 000 000 dollars in a night at Las Vegas Hilton, but he divulged decidedly nothing of value about the system, so we will never know how he did it. Demurely he walked away to eventually come back later in the year and continue to play, exhibiting nothing out of the ordinary or average. Then he played 8 hands at the same time, placing a multitude of quarter of a million bets, experiencing an unbelievable winning streak, which left him 20 000 000 dollars richer at the end of the night. Yes, and he tipped the dealer a million. It is a pretty cool win in blackjack.
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