Play Sic Bo Online: Prepare Your Mind

Sic Bo Casino Game: Check Out This Cute Little Gamble

Sic Bo was born, pretty much along with all the other quality entertainment in the world, in China, survived the world’s history from then to now, and turned up alive and kicking on the screens of our computers, which proves to you again how good it is. Sic Bo means “a couple of dice” in Chinese, but for us the version of the meaning featuring the word “sick” from the teenage slang also works (as in “this game is sick, dude!”, meaning a good thing, FYI).

Sic Bo casio 888 online

How to play Sic Bo online?

Make sure you limit your bankroll, read the ToS carefully, and play responsibly. Having set the bet size, roll the dice by pressing the corresponding button, and start playing.

  • There are small bets and large (from 4 to 10 total points and from 11 to 17 points).You can always set more than one bet at a time. If there are 3 equal numbers, both bets lose.
  • Betting on a pair of numbers will net you a 5 to 1 win in case you hit a pair.
  • Betting on the total number is one of the riskier bets.
  • Betting on a Triple (three same numbers turning up) will get you huge winnings if you’re lucky enough to get them.

  • There are many more complicated rules of online Sic Bo game, which is what makes it more interesting. Consult the manual carefully, and gamble responsibly, as we always say.

    Where to gamble Sic Bo?

    Make sure you select one of our carefully vetted casino reviews that offer an endless variety of opportunities to win. We are always happy to see you back at one of our online venues, and we always care for your well-being and safety.


    This is a fun little game, which is almost entirely based on luck, which makes it even more interesting for us. We advise beginners to stay away from games with complex strategies, so this isn’t a bad choice if you’re just starting out. However, the rules here can also be a little tangly, so check out the regimen before you make your bets and ensure you understand exactly what you’re doing.

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