How To Play Online Roulette For Money Like A Pro

A Complete Guide On Playing Roulette For Real Money

Roulette came about a rather long time ago. It is a game that has been long favored by players for the fact that it’s completely impossible to rig or cheat in it in any way. It was invented by the French, of course, and aptly named (you’d never guess it) “little wheel”. Not very creative, we know, but maybe all the ardor was used up for The Three Musketeers and Cyrano de Bergerac? It’s a rather interesting and good-looking game in all its forms (of which there are many), but they all feature a spinning wheel and a small ball, which is thrown by a croupier and lands of a random section of the wheel when it stops spinning. Then, according to which section players bet on, they get their winnings (or n0t). Online Roulette for real money deposits is one of the few games that features much excitement and awe because there is a lot of element of chance involved, and the whole thing is, really, quite spectacular.

Why Play Roulette Online?

Besides from the obvious (no second-hand smoke, abuse from other players, and having to spend money and time getting to the venue, which can be quite far away, especially if you live in Russia: think two-week train rides), there are a few reasons people play Roulette online for real money. Many people prefer the comfort of their own home, professionals would rather anything than to be distracted, and there are many versions of software that supposedly allows cheating. None of it works, of course, and, besides from being a waste of time, they violate Terms and Conditions and can cause legal trouble. We’re not here to talk about that.

So here are a few reasons:

When in a land-based casino, people will influence you (that is the staff’s job) to make certain kinds of decisions. Roulette is one of the hardest games to win, so you need to think very clearly about strategy and not let anyone get in your head, which is, obviously, a lot easier at home.

There are no closing hours online at all, and you can start and stop wherever you want Casinos usually offer statistics and game logs online (good luck writing 6 hours’ worth of those on a napkin).

Do we have you convinced? Maybe you still think there’s nothing like the real thing. But read on.

General Types of Online Roulette

Now, before you go any further: there are numbers on the wheel from one to 36, and the different variations of roulette differ mainly in the amount of zeros. Betting on zero means risking everything, and some people like a grand gesture. We, however, advise that you find a variation of Roulette that has the lowest house edge. This is the European Roulette (ссылка на страницу европейской рулетки). It has one zero instead of two, like the American version (ссылка на американскую рулетку), and therefore the probability that the house will take all winnings is 2.7% (and 5.2% with the American version). Here are the main types, briefly (details in corresponding articles):

  • European
  • American
  • French

  • You can find examples of these games and demo-versions on the website for testing.

    General Rules

    The croupier, who is the representative of the casino, offers the players, who sit around the table, to make their bets. Different online Roulette variations all have different rules. Next to the Roulette wheel is a gaming area on which the same numbers as on the wheel are featured, and different types of bets. As soon as the croupier says: “No more bets”, he or she starts to roll the wheel one way and throws the ball the other way. As soon as the ball settles, the croupier names the winning number. If the ball hits 0, casino takes all. Always bear in mind the minimum and maximum bets the casino has.

    If you’re going to seriously consider playing Roulette for money and win, make sure you read plenty of information on advanced strategies and statistics of winning as well as the usually given warnings: budget responsibly, never bet all on alone, and so on. You can find these easily in sections that are usually titled “Fair Gaming”, “Responsible Gaming”, etc. We have a selection of articles on all the different types of Roulette you need by successful and experienced authors with very apt knowledge of this excellent game. We also feature the list of top casinos for playing Roulette with wild abandon for your utmost convenience.

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