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Best Bitcoin Casinos For Gambling

No doubt you’ve heard of bitcoins. Extremely popular in Russia (we’re sure that has nothing to do with tax evasion whatsoever), and picking up popularity in the rest of the world rapidly, this new type of currency, since it has been introduced recently to the market, grew exponentially in price and just keeps picking up speed. Find out more about best bitcoin casino sites and try it on our website.

What it Bitcoin Casino?

A Bitcoin Casino includes a new types of currency (called virtual currency, or crypto currency) to be used in order t to avoid mainline banking. If you ever had any kind of beef with the government for any reason, you know from numerous discontented governmental employees in your vicinity that this is a legitimate (sort of) way of playing with your money without giving up a tenth of your profits to the people who had no hand in your earning it.

Bitcoin casino play online

You will still need to pay taxes (at least apriori), but, like they said in the Matrix, some rules can be bent, other broken. Ultimately Bitcoins casino sites give you the freedom to keep your own money to yourself.

How Do I Find One That’s Safe?

Many casinos today offer Bitcoins exclusively as new means of payment, just as you would use Neteller and Paypal. Others offer Bitcoins as additional means of payment. This is a new market, so we say that whoever you deal with, try to find as many reviews and different opinions as possible so you can cross-reference feedback. And stick with small but regular investments (we would).

Is It Really Safe?

On the one hand, affiliating yourself with anyone who’s flirting with the idea of the black market (and that’s what Bitcoins online casinos really are) carries with it certain risks. On the other, when you sign up for any other company that takes your money, you trust their word that they will give it back. There are no guarantees anywhere except for dealing with cash. We recommend that you study people you deal with extremely carefully, but then we would recommend exactly the same with any other company you trust with your many. Usual rules apply: do your background research, limit your bankroll, don’t get carried away. Go to independent auditors for information and find respected sources.

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