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Ever since the beginning of casinos, when first settlers scribbled images in the sand and used sticks as betting chips, there was always someone smart enough to stop and think: no doubt these people created the strategy to win at roulette. Why? To get money out of people and get rich. But what if I could overcome them all, rise above, figure out the hidden rules, and get even?

Every boy’s secret dream: figure out the weaknesses in the system and use it to get unlimited advantages. After all, if there are rules, there must be a way to break them. If you’re after playing roulette on this website, you decided, you’re going to come prepared. There must be hidden systems, I hear you think. After all, aren’t there secret societies in the world – the masons, the mega-rich, the government conspiracies? Why can’t there be a hidden niche in the gambling world reserved for the smartest ones (like me)? If only I could figure it out…

Well, for centuries people have tried, and this is what they came up with. We warn you in advance: most of these systems highly likely were designed by the casinos to lure clients into spending more money using a “legitimate” reason. Well, lets talk about the most popular winning strategies for online roulette.

The Martingale System

You have no doubt heard of this: even money bets, when you lose, double your bet. At some point you’re bound to win.

This is a catastrophe bound to happen. While you may actually win, the chances are pure luck, just as they would be without using a roulette casino strategy (then why use it?), and very soon you hit a point of catastrophic loss, from which there is no recovery. This system is supposed to hypothetically work given unlimited wealth but, surprise, surprise, no-one has it. We’re not Wizard of Odds, but we have asked.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This variation of the Martingale system has another condition, which is supposed to make it more precise: bet more after you win and less after you lose.

Does it make it more adaptable and therefore work better? Decide for yourself. Wins are possible and sometimes even there are winning streaks, but hitting bottom is just a matter of time. This casino winning strategy is more sensible. But we would say not sensible enough, just like any system founded on adjustment of bets based on the outcome of the previous bet. That assumes there is some kind of logic or a connection between bets, which is a folly: the outcome of every bet in roulette is completely random, therefore such system is based on a faulty premise.

The Fibonacci System

This roulette winning strategy uses the algorithm found in nature (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 etc) as a sliding scale to manage your winnings in a sophisticated, mystical, tree-hugging kind of way.

Absolutely no different from any other system based on some sort of logic to be found in a random occurrence, this system also fails. Every roll of the dice and the next one are independent events.

What to do?

Here, we introduce to you this gambling philosophy: short, sparse, and stoic, unsophisticated it may be, but it has one undeniable advantage. It works.

Roulette Strategie Fibonacci

Unlike the systems mentioned in passing above, this roulette strategy never failed anyone:

  • Budget responsibly: set the bankroll, calmly walk and leave when you reach the end.
  • Don’t lose your head: be aware of the time, your strategy and your possibly biased attitude at all times, just like Danny Ocean.
  • Do your research: consult reputable independent sources and auditing companies for reliable information.
  • Be in the know: read news regarding the niche you’re playing in and know what’s going on.
  • Find reputable casinos: have a look at player reviews and statistics...and how about a license and independent auditors?
  • Admit it if you think you’re starting to develop a problem and seek pro support.
  • Choose games that suit you: if you’re only starting, pick something simple, like Blackjack or Roulette.
  • Make absolutely sure you know all the rules.
  • Play for fun: the house always wins.
  • Absolutely always carefully inspect Terms of Service for hidden tricks.
  • Chasing your losses is a one-way road.
  • Player forums are a great idea to shave a few painful fails off your to-do list.
  • Seek good RTP
  • Check the casino against a blacklist.
  • Never bet all on one.

  • These are the best strategies anyone could give you. And read the section on gambling fallacies.

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